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THE CRAFTSMANSHIP OF HANS WEGNER After watching a process that is literally the labor of centuries, from the growth of the tree to the carpenters delicate craftsmanship 200 years later, it hard not to walk away with a greater appreciation for Hans Wegner. Beyond "the chair", each piece of his life work has an almost unseen detail, with each joint perfectly crafted for ergonomics and sturdiness. When we come across a Wegner piece, we get caught up looking for these magic details. If you're interested in seeing a piece up-close and personal, come by the shop to see our Hans Wegner Model 26 Credenza.
Hans Wegner Model 26 Hans Wegner Model 26
The circular brass detailing on the door fronts are actually exposed glides. Unlike the common practice of the time which used plastic glides inside of the door, Wegner boldly incorporated the function and the form of sturdier brass ones. Even the interiors are crafted in white oak.
Brass detailing and oak interiors  Brass detailing and oak interiors

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