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As you may have heard, Mid Century Mobler has just welcomed a stonking great shipment of ace sideboards, vanities, and dining sets from across the pond. It's always surprising for our customers to hear that these pieces are English and not Danish. Though Scandinavian design swept the world, many countries manifested similar pieces with just a hint of domestic details. Today, I'd like to focus on one credenza in particular- Nathan's Model 1024 Sideboard. We just cleaned up this beaut which happens to be in original condition. Designed by Patrick Lee for Nathan Furniture, this gorgeous sideboard features a distinctive Jacobean circular door design, and is the foundation for their Classic Collection.


Beyond the beautifully crafted circle pattern cut into the veneer on the doors, the stout legs and wood handles are a tell of this pieces origin. The clean lines and sturdy teak construction are borrowed from Scandinavian design. But by far my favorite thing about English credenzas, is their inclusion of a bar in almost every credenza. Nothing could be classier!
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