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What was that thing The Dude said about rugs? Oh yeah, they tie the room together. Nothing can be truer about Rya Rugs and your mid century room. Lush, colorful, and beautifully designed, rya rugs began their brilliant existence in Sweden during the fifteenth century.


Originally, these long pile weaves were used as thick coverings for sailors and fishermen. Unlike fur skins that grew stiff and could not be washed, rya weavings provided warmth and durability.


Photo Credit: DigsDigs

In the late 60s and 70s, these rugs became very chic. Their handwoven designs and rich pile made them the perfect accessory to tie any Scandinavian inspired room together.

Rya featured on the set of Mad Men Rya featured on the set of Mad Men

Photo Credit: LA Times


Photo Credit: Campbells Loft
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