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BeforeAFter We're always amazed by the transformation that takes place when the final touches are put on a piece used and abused for 50+ years. On a recent trip overseas, we found this beautiful drop leaf desk in need of a lot of love: DA34a DA34b DA34c Da34d With years of use and apparently many spilled drinks, it had obviously seen better days. It was a very well crafted piece, so we couldn't pass it up. After a short trip to our friends over at Grit Woodfinishing, this beautiful piece is ready for a new home: DSC_3895 DSC_3912 DSC_3939 DSC_3955 Pretty amazing, right? If you have a piece that's in need of refinishing, don't hesitate to call Jamie (the owner) of Grit Woodfinishing: 415-367-5864. He can also be reached via email:

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