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Matthew by the tree Halloween flew by, and you all know what that means; Thanksgiving in a minute, and then Christmas! We just received these awesome shots from the legendary Stahl House in Hollywood Hills, courtesy of Matthew Bliss, inventor of The Modern Christmas Tree™. Or re-inventor to be accurate. Matthew tells the story on his website, of how his grandfather Bud built the original tree back in the mid 1960’s. But only in the last few years has The Modern Christmas Tree™ been available to the public. Something well worth celebrating, which it seems by these pictures, that Bliss did in the Stahl House. 04_MCT_Stahl_Cinematic The Stahl House is known from music videos, and movies ranging from Corrina, Corrina to Galaxy Quest, where it acted as the house for Tim Allen’s character. But not until now has it been paired with this lovely tree! For more info on The Modern Christmas Tree™ visit modernchristmastrees.com.

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