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We feel the same, Eric! We feel the same, Eric!

Master of None is the latest Netflix offering to become the show that Everybody. Is. Talking. About. Aziz Ansari’s smash hit deserves all the praise it’s getting; it reads a bit like a 2nd generation immigrant version of Louie, only less cynical and with more developed side characters. The show has been gaining positive reviews for its accurate portrayal of immigrant families, including the interiors used in both parents' homes of the characters Dev (Ansari) and Brian (Kelvin Yu). I was a bit surprised over the fact that Ansari’s struggling actor character Dev seemed to have such an expensive apartment, with an Eames lounge chair featuring prominently in many of the episodes (as well as a beautiful credenza in the background.) Someone on Reddit also asked about this, and immediately got schooled by Ansari for not knowing his mcm: "Try knockoff that she got on 1stdibs for $400 (I think). You don't know your Eames chairs BUD,” says Ansari in this funny thread. Another thread sees a redditor trying to find out where to find similar looking furniture. You’re always welcome to our shop - whether you know your Eames or not - BUD.

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